Monday, August 19, 2013

Book therapy

The day started out bad and seesawed from there.  My poor mom is struggling with so many health issues. It's hard on both my parents and the dogs won't leave her side.  We all do the best we can.

I was feeling like a hypocrite about this blog and finding good things every day but a friend pointed out we need that balance.  I consciously seek it out. It might be something as silly as the shape of Ky's nose (almost heart-shaped) or the whiskers on Milo's face but they help me appreciate life is neither all bad or all good. 

Ky's chiropractor appointments are now monthly maintenance. He no longer has the spot on his back that when you press it makes him pee. That's much better for all of us. 

Eliott was waiting for me in the garage this morning and tried to climb into the car. I assured him he wouldn't enjoy it at work.  I lied. He'd love it there. So many people.  But some things are best left alone.  While The Library Lion is a delightful picture book, the reality would be a challenge. A lot of people are allergic to cats, big and small.

It's so nice to lose one's self in a book.  Whole worlds where good triumphs over evil, the girl ends up with the right boy for her, animals are loved, worlds are saved. Those are the kinds of books I most prefer, the ones with happy endings. 

Read a good book lately?

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