Thursday, August 29, 2013

Whiney good things

You know what, I'm in a foul mood.  Things have not only failed to go my way, my ego has been smacked around a bit, worrying stuff happened and I'm tired so my ability to cope isn't as good as it normally is so you'll have to accept that my Good Things for the day might seem small.  They're keeping me* from sliding over the brink into despair.

A friend sent me a funny cartoon of two sheep sitting side by side on recliners and watching tv.  The girl sheep was knitting the fleece right off the body of the other sheep. It made me start my day with a laugh.

I have air conditioning at both jobs and work.  On a day when the humidex pushed the temperature into the high nineties that's actually a Big Deal. 

We're all alive. I don't take that for granted any more.  I stopped a couple of years ago.  Those anniversaries are looming and still the grief can reach up and throttle me.  On those days, I try to remember how much those people have not only shaped my past but continue to influence my present. They aren't really gone.

A flat of peaches fresh from the tree are being delivered to me at work tomorrow.  I bought vanilla ice cream to consume with the three peaches that won't be canned, frozen or jammed.  Anticipation is a good thing. I feel all Martha Stewarty.

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  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I so get this post. Enjoy your Martha Stewarty moment. :-D Niagara peaches are the best.