Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lost in a book

Yesterday, I sat by the pond and read for awhile. Mostly, I watched the fish swim through the water plants.  The breeze was cool, the sun was hot, the book was okay. 

My back was bothering me a bit so I came inside and did some stretches. I finished the book.  I did some chores, had a long phone call with people south of here.  We came up with a game plan for a couple of things. I picked up another book. 

I fell so deep into A light between oceans by M.L.Stedman that I did nothing else. I let others take Ky outside. I ignored the phone. I skipped supper. I read. And read. And read until I finished. Then I cried before I got up and went to bed. 

There was no way to get those characters out of that situation without them being damaged, each and every one of them. Being in the right didn't make the one character a good choice and being wrong didn't make the other character bad.  They were all flawed people who were trapped by situations and choices that created havoc for all. It was excellent. 

Nothing I've done today has touched the single-mindedness of immersing myself in Western Australia in the later 1920s.  I ran errands, had tea with my friend and her young son, then went to work.  Being surrounded by books is a nice way to spend my time.

Little Eliot hasn't been around at all today. Yoda took a chunk out of my hand when I tried to put carrot peels in his bowl. I wonder about his sense of smell. Or perhaps it was the colour of my hand that made him think I still had carrots on me.  All in all, a meh day.

HOWEVER, one good thing is the bills all got paid today. I was depressed a bit when I first paid them, so much money, then I realized how fortunate we are to actually have hot and cold running water, electricity, communication and entertainment as well heat in the winter and a/c in the summer. Not only that, we can afford those wonderful things. So attitude, baby.

For some reason, I've been calling everyone "dude" today. That is not only odd, but slightly amusing. It's not part of my vernacular.

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