Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday night attitude

I was driving home from work, enjoying the sun on the orchards, the sight of so many people riding their bikes on the country roads and the sound of the radio blasting out a tune.  I actually slowed down, took the time to breathe in the fresh air and really appreciate how gorgeous it was outside. One thing I love about the Niagara library is all the windows.  I rarely feel like I'm missing out on a nice day.

It seemed like that appreciation led to a few pieces of potential good news. The fact that there were some encouraging things after weeks of struggling to find good things was a nice change.

I decided to go to a fundraiser for the SPCA that gave me Ky.  That reason alone earned my undying gratitude. A group of us usually go to the firefighters' dance in town - another fundraiser.  It's the same old people who think it's fun to drink their body weight in beer.  I'd rather hang out with people who value animals and want to help keep them safe.

Man, I've gotten old.  Still, the band will be better at the SPCA fundraiser.

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