Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today was just one of those days where opportunities bred opportunities.  It started with me hacking my way through the honeysuckle out to the pond this morning.  There were several baby fish in there.  Lots of plants need harvesting or cutting back but it was so lovely to see how well that area does without me.  It occasionally needs a machete but it's a healthy ecosystem, created to need very little interference from me.

Then my friend and I finally synched up our schedules and went to the movies.  Turbo was playing a matinee and we loved it.  A snail races in the Indy 500 and my friend says there's no way the driver would be able to pick up his car! It's funny what forces us out of the story.  Still, I'm not ashamed to say I cried a little at the end. It's a great story about brothers as well as racing and honouring your dreams no matter how crazy.

Afterward, we talked to the manager about a light that didn't go off.  They've just installed a new LED lighting system in the theater and they are highly impractical if you ask me.  But at $20,000 per light, they are stuck with them. One of them had stayed on throughout the movie and we just wanted him to know so he could shut it off for the next film.  It was interesting to talk about the lights, dimmers and how it's all timed.  In the end, he gave us free passes.

We toured around the shopping mall and dollar store, finding everything we needed without any problem.  Because we'd both been so efficient earlier in the day, and hey we had free passes, we went back to the theater to see Despicable Me 2. It was so much fun to watch great animation features with kids who weren't ours. We didn't have to explain any of the jokes or worry about little ears. I did have to smother my laughter when one of the kids repeated a punchline with great indignation.

After my friend dropped me off at home, I picked the ripe tomato, made a sandwich with it and shared the rest. Nothing beats a tomato fresh off the vine.  

The day finished up where it had started - beside the pond. I didn't see any meteors from the Perseid shower. And my obnoxious neighbour was running a generator for some bizarre reason but still. It was nice to sit out there for a bit and breathe the fresh air.

It was a good day. Simple and indulgent but that was part of the appeal.  

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