Monday, August 26, 2013

Writing rainy days

One good thing about the Internet being down yesterday was how much work I got done reading about ebook formatting as well as some writing.

One good thing about it coming back up today was being able to ask imaginary friends for help with a scene. Those people scare me. It was perfect advice. 

It rained most of the day. I went out for work this morning and Elliott crawled out from a hedge across the street to race towards me. I took him into the garage, dried him off and left him exploring the dry space.  He was over at the neighbour's eating lunch when I got home later.  He's a happy cat.  Food on one porch, shelter on the other.  DNe has changed his name to Harry.  :shrug:

I've done a lot of writing today and that makes me happy. I was stuck on one scene trying to figure out the trigger to my goal.  I just typed a bunch of words to work my way into it. That combined with the help for above imaginary friends really opened it up.  Yay!

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