Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good smells

Lovely day in the neighbourhood.  Laundry went out on racks (we don't have a line, nor can we put one up) so that it smells fresh.  No dryer sheet in the world can recreate the scent of clothes dried by sunshine and breeze. 

Ky brushed himself today. Okay, what really happened was the brush fell off the table and tangled in his tail. When he jumped up it slid through his fur and fell onto the floor.  It was hilarious.

I made cherry jam and peach crisp. One cooked on the stove while the other baked in the oven. The house smelled great but I should have done them at different times to prolong the aroma of cooking fruit.

Ky and I played ball while I weeded. It takes me a lot longer that way (I throw the ball, yank weeds, he fetches the ball then we repeat until I get tired of the constant up-and-down) but I love how his fur seems to capture the smell of the sunshine and hold it inside.  As his breath always stinks, burying one's face in his neck fur is the best option.

No stars for us tonight. It's overcast and there's a hint of rain in the night's fragrance.

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