Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mind flip

This morning as I was getting ready for my twelve hour work day a flash of blue out the living room window caught my attention.  It was a blue jay playing in the antenna tower on the roof next door.  Once he realized he had an audience he made a bigger spectacle of himself.  It was a good way for me to start the day.

Work was fun. We were so busy all day but everyone was in a good mood about waiting.  The young man at the cafe whipped up a cinnamon hot chocolate for me then pondered how he could make a frozen drink with those flavours next time.  There's always an element of fun at the cafe.

I had a stutter when my dream from last night played out on my newsfeed today but I guess my psychic self just likes to be acknowledged every once in a while. I was feeling frustrated and irritated by the connection until it occurred to me that the other person really needed the reassurance last night when they were in surgery. It doesn't matter how or why, it simply matters.

DNe reminded me today that sometimes you just have to laugh at life. So I did.  It's hard not to be able to fix some things. Fixing is hard-wired into my DNA.  What I can do is bring sunshine (not too bright or too hot) and flowers (ones without thorns or too much pollen, we can leave the latter for the bees) into people's lives. 

A good conversation with a friend who understands my brand of insanity (or eccentricity, if you want to be kinder) really helped me line things back up in the perspective I prefer.  Sometimes it's just "a jump to the left.  Then a step to the right."

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