Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Silver linings

Last night, I was working on DNi's birthday present while watching Oblivion which was much better than I'd expected. I only borrowed it from the library because it was shot primarily in Iceland. 

One Good Thing about today - all of the Scotland photos were not, I repeat, not, lost.  They were in a hidden folder on the external hard drive.  I still can't find the thumb drive on which they are also stored.  Some are on FB and others have been mailed to friends.  It's time to look at cloud storage.  I have an aversion and mistrust of the privacy issues on the cloud but am going to go look at Copy.  A friend with stricter privacy controls than I have is using it.

I may be out of garlic soup (I have a sore throat and fever) but I have lots of wild garlic with which to make more.  I also have lots of seeds still to plant/share if anyone wants them.

There was a private tea party in town with an old friend. We are now older than our parents were when we hung out together as kids, yet I still see her as a teenager.  A teenager with grown children of her own :)

I was deleting old raggedy torn books yesterday. I brought three of them home because really, who doesn't love Far Side and Calvin and Hobbs?

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  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I'm glad you found your pics! I hope you recover quickly. Yes, please. I would love some wild garlic seeds.