Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday's goodness

The power went off in the late night/early morning. It was off for about three hours. I know this because the ceiling fan went off and the night air was still. Ky lay on the floor staring at the window. I lay in bed and wondered if a storm was coming.  Nope.

I spent most of the day working on the computer.  Lots and lots of family photos to go through and organize. I took the laptop downstairs and asked my parents about one particular woman.  Neither one of them knew who she was but it sparked an interesting conversation about family friends. They mean so much to us but are rarely recognized through the ages. Shame. 

Ideas are dancing around the edge of my consciousness. I'm working on the horror story and can't quite bring the scenes with this character into focus. I'm not paranoid. I don't really want to hang out with the people I know who are convinced we're all just one click away from destruction.  Depressing.

Where were the good things in my day?  I know I'm on to something. I know that if I keep writing down words the scenes will come into focus.  Instead of staring at them sideways, looking off to the side at the setting and those inhabiting it will reveal the purpose.  Paranoid people do have friends. And jobs. And pets and lots to lose.  So there. It will all come.

Anytime I can engage the family in a conversation about things that make them happy, remind them of people they love, it's a good thing. We're all in the bad habit of waiting for the storm instead of enjoying the change of cloud colour, texture of the air, temperature.  Every moment has its own beauty and weight. 

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