Friday, August 23, 2013

Maturing good things

Finally, a doctor's appointment with relatively good news!  I baked turtle brownies from scratch to celebrate. 

I caught up on several blogs I've abandoned the last few weeks.  It was good to see everyone doing well.

For some reason I find Colin Farrell more attractive now than in his heyday.  Nothing like a little maturity (in years as well as behaviour) to grab my attention. It seems every third movie I've brought home from work lately featured the handsome Irishman.

I had every intention of walking to work this morning but Elliott was sitting by the pond, mousing. Better than fishing in my estimate.  He hopped off the wooden bench, raced across the rocks then hopped down to the patio so that he could twine around my legs. We spent some time in deep conversation. It's too bad I didn't understand a single meow out of his cute little mouth. His youth and enthusiasm make me really appreciate Milo. It's that maturity thing again.

In other good news, Stashaholic and I are going to see Eddie Izzard at Massey Hall in November.  He always makes me laugh. 

"And the irony was writ large upon them"

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