Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bittersweet Sunday

One Good Thing about this being my penultimate Sunday shift is that I won't miss NASCAR any more.  Although, today's race was red-flagged for rain so even though I went to a birthday party after work, I still saw the incredible finish.  It will be sad not to see my coworkers, or the Sunday patrons.  So many changes for all of us, some temporary and some permanent.

My goddaughter's 18th birthday party was today.  Where did the time go?  She's a poised beautiful young woman who knows where she's going to college in the Fall, and what she's going to study, because she has a passion to help children with special needs. Her momma raised her well.  All of her parents did.  It seems like she was three years old just last week.

I lay in bed this morning and listened to the birds sing. Yoda sang back.  He has no interest in going outdoors, not after the time he freaked out and got stuck on the roof for three hours.  He's a funny little bird.  DNe is his playmate while I'm his love. He's very affectionate with me, coos and snuggles into my hand. 

I realized today that I view my social life as a chore. Hmmm, need an attitude adjustment. Or maybe it's all the people all the time. I love my friends. I love my job and all the people I meet through work.  I even adore all these walks and the people I've met as part of the Legacy Trail but it's the relentless interaction that's wearing me down.  Perhaps, if I curtail activities so that I can recharge in between all those exchanges of energy...

Tonight I will finish a cloak for a friend's birthday.  This is the last of the gifts I've been making since last summer. I'll be able to work on a couple of pieces for myself, not to mention learn to sew so that I can make a Regency dress for the end of June.  It's strange not to have a project where I think of the recipient while I make it. 

Bittersweet I am.

How about you?

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