Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wet Good Things.

One Good Thing about the rain is it lulled me back to sleep this morning. I had a wonderful dream that kept me on the edge of happiness all day. It's irrelevant that it was just a dream, an illusion. It fired some endorphins.

I don't have to water any of the plants, top up the pond or worry about the level in the rain barrel. Mother Nature took care of all of it for me. That was very thoughtful of her.

I took all the soft apples and made a delicious apple crumble. DNe and his new girl devoured it.  There's just enough left for me to have for breakfast. What? It's got oatmeal, brown sugar and apples in it.  Quaker doesn't do it as well as I do.

It rained so hard that we could hear it beating on the roof of the library. I like watching the drops slam into puddles with enough force to displace the water.  It reminds me of Gene Kelly and I usually end up dancing. In the rain.

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