Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memories and tributes

My day started out beautifully.  I had fabric from Kate that I wanted to make a bag out of it. It sat in my living room pinned in place for months.  It was never quite right.

Then I saw bags at a craft show a couple of weeks ago. I was in love.  Batavia by Sil makes her bags from re-purposed fabric.  We were a perfect fit.

Here's the back of the bag

but the front brought tears to my eyes. 

I've pet it repeatedly throughout the day.  This is the best blend of Kate and I that I could ever envision.  Yes, it evokes thoughts of Elen and Theresa and our tree blog but it will be a daily wander with Kate. She loved the outdoors.

Then I went for a hike with my volunteers along the trail.  We heard a Baltimore Oriole but couldn't see him.  It was a stinking hot day, our walk was fairly short and we were all pleased to have survived. Then one of the lovely ladies gifted me with this beautiful bouquet from her garden.

Lilies of the valley grew in my great-grandmother's garden, along the sidewalk beside her house and in cracks in the pavement.  I cannot smell them without thinking of her.

It was a good day.


  1. Anonymous9:24 PM

    The bag turned out great! It's gorgeous. I'm glad you did it.

    1. Thanks. I LOVE it. There are lots of pockets inside for my car keys, work keys, phone and a fan. My tablet and wallet fit comfortably. And the strap is wide so the weight is distributed evenly. Honestly, everyone should buy a bag from Sil. They are incredible works of art yet practical