Sunday, May 12, 2013


One Good Thing about hockey playoffs is the amount of calories I expend through nervous energy.  I hope our team goes all the way so I can lose 20 pounds. 

One Good Thing about being too tired to get a ride to work so that I could walk to my brother's for dinner (approximately 6km) was I didn't end up walking during a hail storm. That would have been miserable.

One Good Thing about being a kid magnet is that I was able to distract the littlest one at the extended family Mother's Day dinner. She was on the verge of tears so I told her I needed a snuggle.  She climbed over her sister to oblige me. 

I really did need the snuggle. One Good Thing about it being our last Sunday to offer library service is the opportunity to have two consecutive days off during the summer. It was bittersweet as neither of today's coworkers will be back in the Fall.  The one girl made a lovely bracelet for me.

There was a robin pecking at the window to be let inside when I arrived at work so early.  I think it knew what was coming weather-wise and wanted shelter.  I saw it fly past in the worst of the hail. I have no idea why it wasn't huddled in a tree. 

I was at work so early because I popped back to the craft show this morning. I picked up a couple of hostess gifts for my upcoming trip.  I also gave the purse lady some fabric to make a tree bag for me. I'll post pictures when it arrives early next week.  I was so thrilled she agreed. I didn't want to offend her by suggesting my material was better than hers. She was thrilled that I'd thought about her creations all night. 

One last good thing before I turn in for the night.  It was Mother's Day today. It's a bittersweet day for so many people.  I posted this on FB earlier today but in case you didn't see it.  Read The Bloggess's take on Mother's Day.  I can't thank her enough for acknowledging my worth despite the lack of childbirth on my part.  And to all those people who constantly tell me to appreciate my mother, you have no idea how much I do.  And always will.

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