Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things I never thought would be Good Things

One Good Thing about having a cold this week was I had a hard time breathing on our walk this morning.  Because of that, I dropped to the back to hang with another walker who was having difficulty breathing. If I'd tried to stay up with the front group, I likely wouldn't have been able to make it through the walk at all.  I was working hard on breathing in and out - repeat.

Because we kept dropping further back, we were able to see the deer run across in front of us. The other group flushed it from the thicket.  It was great. We saw rabbits and snakes - and these friendly guys.

Scratching an itch

Hi, can I follow you home?
 I'm no bigger than Ky.  See? Let me climb up into your lap...

One Good Thing about trying out a new sunscreen is how easy it was to figure out what gave me hives.  Because I had hives, we took our time at home instead of running off to a couple of parties.

My DNi came over and helped us card my gorgeous Polworth fleece.

Then we washed up a bucket of Ky's fur so we can blend it tomorrow.

Despite feeling sick most of the day, Stashaholic and DNi made the day enjoyable.  Oddly, neither one of them wants to spend the day tomorrow on a Die Hard marathon. Sigh.  I guess we'll go out and enjoy the world.

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