Saturday, May 11, 2013

Visiting Good Things

I was offline all day yesterday. My one friend came from Oakland and my other from Detroit so the three of us met in Toronto.  We had a delicious lunch at a lovely little bistro. Just inhaling the scent of baked cinnamon pastries was enough to satisfy my craving. We spent the day shopping through and for windows. Whenever it rained, we dashed into a store. We may have bought a few items on those occasions. It was rent payment for keeping us dry. 

We found this amazing dress with lots of buckles that was more like an overdress. It wouldn't have looked out of place on Firefly. Four of us tried it on and it was completely different on each of us. We were/are varying sizes so the hem landed at various lengths changing look entirely. 

The shop owner gave me all the pennies in her till to add to my charity pile I amassed for my birthday. That was very nice.

Up and down the street we went, back and forth, criss and cross.  We laughed at so many things I can't even remember any of them just the sheer joy of spending time with imaginary friends I met on the Internet.

My only requirement was that we be somewhere in front of a television in time to watch the puck drop. We all agreed I'm a horrible friend but they enjoyed the game too - especially when Toronto won.

I got up early this morning and went for a hike. One Good Thing about only my committee partner in crime showing up was we were able to explore the trail in detail. There are a couple of tricky spots that we had hoped to reroute. There's a reason we're using the tricky spots. We both suffered minor injuries. My poor foot has had enough.  The slide down the mud to jam against a rock was too much.

Yet, the trilliums were beautiful.  The red-tail hawk flew over us a couple of times in the woods.  The squirrels flicked their tails and chattered at us before darting off into the leaves.

Instead of going home and putting my foot up, I showered, picked up Mom and my friend then headed out to a craft show.  All of the vendors were local, the wine was yummy and I could spent all of my savings as well as the mortgage payment.  Messenger bags made from repurposed fabrics and exquisite ceramic buttons, savoury shortbread, hats, hats and more hats, handcreams, dry shampoo and soap, jewelry made from classic books and Hawaiian coffee. 

We finished the night off with wine, chocolate and NASCAR. 

This ad made me laugh til I cried.

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