Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring cold

One Good Thing about having a cold bad enough to keep me on the couch is catching up on tv shows I've missed because I was out gallivanting all week.

It also meant I was home when the wind was so high it blew the pond liner into the pond. We hadn't gotten around to putting the rocks back on top of the liner. I went out and tucked it behind the rock wall.  Then I took advantage of the sunshine and fresh air by planting the Spring-blooming heather. I watered the Icelandic poppy and scoped out a couple of places to plant it.

One Good Thing about crochet is you can add on anywhere. No need to tear it out and start fresh from the beginning. Unless of course you were distracted by Mad Men and ended up adding too many stitches. In that case, out it comes. 

Another Good Thing about the cold was the coughing fit meant people didn't keep me on the phone. My brain isn't as sharp as normal so engaging me in a discussion about logistics right now is not the best time.  I've kept a low profile on the email front as well.  It's nice to have a holiday.

I've taken all the best cold remedies, including the ever effective, and foul-tasting, oil of oregano.  The jug of citrus soaking in water was tastier.

There are hundreds of good things in a day. Little things, like the dog's head in my lap while he gazes up at me with adoration in his eyes, the scent of the lilacs, the neighbour's new grandson smiling up at her, the squirrel running across the fence and startling the dog, friends goofing around on FB, other friends goofing around on the Internet, sharing recipes, sharing ideas, good books, time to read a good book, joking with DNe, texts from DNi, Mom's smile first thing in the morning, Dad's quickly smothered chuckle when Casey marked me as his territory, a nostalgic song on the radio, a great new song that gets me moving, the splash of ginger ale against the back of my throat, the bite of spice in the sausage, the smell of fleece soaking in the tub. 

Enjoy the little things.  Savour the moment.  See all the Good Things.  There are more than you realize.

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