Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summery Good Things

One Good Thing about driving to Toronto and back today was Stashaholic sent me home with sock yarn.  And I got to see her garden planted and growing.  I drove through three distinct seasons - Spring, Fall and holy freakin SUMMER. 

One Good Thing about driving to work because it was too darn hot to walk or ride my bicycle meant I had more time to spend at home with Mom. She was having a rough day. Holding her hand, literally, made us both feel better.  Never underestimate the power of touch.

One Good Thing about being home earlier due to driving was being home in time to have a teleconference. We're in better shape on the walk than I'd thought and that felt great.  I'll be walking again tomorrow. This time I'm relying on the sun hat to protect my face. I still have hives from the sunscreen.

One Good Thing about wearing a lot of colour today was it distracted everyone from the red blotchy face. One co-worker thought I'd just gotten a lot of sun.  Good. 

Oddly, I'm having a really good body-image day.  I'm wider than I'd like to be but can feel my chest bones and clavicle without sinking into layers of fat.  That was a happy moment. Little things, people. 

How's your day?

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