Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Colourful things

I walked 13 km today.  I'm building my endurance so that I can participate in the Laura Secord commemorative walk. I'm at the spot where Ky can no longer join me and apparently he's faster than I am.  According to the app on my phone, walks without Ky are 1km/hr slower.  You'd think he'd hold me back as he stops to sniff.  It was quite warm and as far out as I go, I have to turn and walk home.  It was beautiful.

A few hours later, I drove to work at the other end of Niagara.  I cannot believe how many different shades of green were interspersed with pink, white, cream, red blossoms, yellow dandelions, grape hyacinths.  The windows were down so I could smell the LIFE.  It was incredible.

As many stressful, scary work-related moments as we've had in the last couple of days, it was so calming to just experience so many good things in wonderful weather, good friends and the reminder that life evolves.

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