Saturday, May 25, 2013

Contrasting Good Things

Been awake since 4am. No good reason. Can't really find a good thing in any of that. Well, except for all the mental things I accomplished.  I wish I'd actually written down some of it, particularly the end of part one of the horror story.  The good news on that front is that I actually remember how I was getting to the end of that scene.

One Good Thing about being sick the last week is how loose my skirt is on me.  I hope my appetite doesn't come back with a vengeance. I can manage cravings better this way. 

One Good Thing about matching 10,000 years of evolution in the last 100 years is the invention of painkillers. 

The advent of television and the Internet are pretty good, too.  Right now, I'm combining Old World (crochet) with New World(Live Free and Die Hard).  Given I just spent three hours scanning and editing photos taken over a hundred years ago, the contrast of tradition and technology appeals to me.

What was your Good Thing for today?

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