Monday, May 20, 2013

Recovering Good Things

Yesterday was fun - we went to Jordan, ate a yummy lunch at the Jordan House, bought fudge at the Heritage Gift Shop, too much yarn ( is that even possible?) at The Fibre Garden and wine at DiProfio Wines. The latter was of particular note as we met the winemaker himself.  We tasted everything they carry.  Delicious.  They've added a nice cab/merlot to the shelves.  Despite the fact that I don't like icewine in the slightest, their Select Late Harvest Vidal is amazing.  Stashaholic bought some to add to her canning this Fall.  I can't wait to taste it.

We came home, had dinner with the family then I was sick and konked out. It turns out the sunscreen hives are worse than I originally thought. It's taken its toll. Poor Ky was quivering from the fireworks.  I was too miserable to be of much help to him.

Today was a bit more low-key.  One Good Thing about having a friend who really likes lemons is that I keep buying books about lemons for him. One Good Thing about never getting around to mailing them is they are still here for me to reference.  Lemons are good anti-inflammatories.  Despite being acidic they are good at balancing alkaline in your body.  And when rubbed on hives, they reduce swelling and itch. Mine aren't itchy per se but they are swollen enough to be painful. No, there will not be before and after photos.

We did venture out to a couple of garden centers. I bought some plants for the pond - lots of oxygenators and some marsh plants and a water lily.  The latter is going to be gorgeous when it blooms. There will be pictures of that.

The rest of the day was spent carding the Polwarth fleece while watching an Indiana Jones marathon.  Lots of Good Things in there.

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