Friday, May 24, 2013

Flora good things

One week from today I will basking by the Bay, the beautiful Bay. Chesapeake, that is.  I know it's getting close because last night I stayed awake mentally packing.

Fingers crossed that the roots on my tender plants were strong. They all looked like the cold temps last night did them in. It's supposed to be summer again tomorrow.  One Good Thing about the cooler temperature is the effect on my hives. They're disappearing. About time.

One Good Thing about working at the oldest library in Ontario is the history. We live in a region that takes its history seriously and the library is the receptacle for much of it. Yet, they're very progressive when it comes to technology. I learned a few new skills today.

I also spent part of my lunch hour inhaling the glorious fragrance from this beauty

I know wisteria is considered a weed in some places but to me it's an elegant lady.

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