Thursday, May 16, 2013

So many good things, mostly people

Scent of lilacs is strong in our yard. Even I, who can barely breathe, can smell them. Lovely.
The Japanese maple is green.
An acquaintance helped a young teen out of a crisis and didn't consider his actions noteworthy.  He's a good man who doesn't see it.  In this day and age of mistrust and scandal, he went out of his way to help a stranger, one who had the potential to ruin his life if it was a scam.  It wasn't, it didn't. He helped her. People are good.
My young friend took huge steps today in becoming a grown-up. I'm proud and happy for him. I will miss him when he moves away and starts his new life.

A book came into my life today. It was printed in 1884 and gifted to my great-grandmother when she was 16 years old.  It made me very happy to hold it in my hands and know that it`s made it all the way down the line to me.  Once I can do so safely, I`m going to read it.
I had a great long distance chat with a friend I`m going to see in two weeks. We talked about how society teaches us that we should all think the same when in fact all of our brains work differently from each other. We don`t learn the same way, at the same speed with the incentives.  We are unique.
The world is so  much smaller now thanks to technology. Then I look at photographs of my great-aunt's life and think how little it's changed in the ways that are important. Family and friends.  Love.
I am blessed to have all of these.
How was your day?

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