Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Exhausting good things

The day started with a hike just under 15km.  I'm really pleased with it. I think my hiking boots need to be exchanged for a different pair of hiking boots. I'll try the blue ones out tomorrow.  For some reason my baby toe seems to have changed shape. It's weird.  Regardless, the walk was incredible. A lot of work has been done to the trail, the weather was perfect and it smelled so good along the whole route.

Then I came home and DNe helped me put the new repaired liner into the pond. The two of us literally stood there and watched it fill.  Being a boy, he had to play with the hose a bit.  The water level hasn't changed in ten hours so we went ahead and put the plants and fish back.  Tomorrow we'll put the stones around the outside.

One Good Thing about the neighbours taking down their huge linden tree is that we now have two wooden benches. The ability to identify that tree scored me two bottles of wine the year we moved into the neighbourhood. It was a bittersweet memory as that neighbour died the following year. I still miss him. Bob was quite the character.

Last night's fleece is dry and ready to be bagged up but I'm going to leave it for another day. Tomorrow, I'll clean another batch. I love the smell of wet wool. Honestly. It smells like sheep in the spare room. 

One Good Thing about having a friend who really really likes lemons is the book I bought for him had some great tips about lemons repelling insects.

I may be exhausted, I smell lemony but I'm not covered in ticks.  Good day.

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