Sunday, May 05, 2013

Busy Good Things

One Good Things about such a busy social life is the number of good friends enticing me out into the world.  We have birthdays and bonfires, cake and hotdogs, guacamole and wine.  I'm exhausted and cranky for it but oddly in a good way.

The weather has been fantastic - sunny, warm with a slight breeze.  I've walked, ridden my bicycle and worked on the pond.  I have brutal sunburn - but excellent lotion that soothes it.

The animals continue to amuse me.  Yoda and I wrestled over the food dish last night while watching the hockey game. He likes to do that sometimes, unhook the dish so the food spills to the floor.  I grabbed it so it was hanging on by the one side.  When I righted it, he jumped so that he landed inside the dish. Then looked at me with great amusement.  How does such a tiny body hold that large a personality?

Between work and meetings and social engagements, I'm home long enough to change clothes, feed everyone, catch the first period of the game. It's not long. Ky twists himself inside out to show his appreciation for my return.  I rub him down from nose to tail then play with his ears.  Milo launches himself onto my lap as if he can weigh me down and hold me in place longer than ten minutes.  Just as I start to get irritated because they are furry and warm and I'm already hot from exertion, I thank the gods that they love me that much.  It's mutual. 

Honestly, they are the ones most likely to break through my crankiness and remind me why I do half that I do, that life is good and love surrounds us if we take a moment to feel it. 

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  1. Well you tell both of them I've got lovin' to spare for them when I come down!