Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pond things

It was another beautiful Spring day - which was great because I spent four hours working on the pond leak.  Last night, I noticed the water level was unbelievably low so I went and bought a new pond liner. I used an online calculator to determine how much liner I needed. About five feet more than the calculator told me.  I laid the new liner over the old liner, then used garbage bags to cover the small area that didn't overlap.  So far, it looks good. No leak. Fingers crossed. I thought I'd fixed it the other day.  The fish are in a tub in my car right now.  It was too stressful to catch them so I'll leave them be until I'm confident all is well. I poured every single bucket of pond water through the fish net so that I didn't lose anyone in the muck.  I need more pond plants. Only three pieces survived. 

The important thing is the fish are alright. And it was soothing to be outdoors working so hard.  Soothing shouldn't be the right word but my mind did settle into a pattern of contentment. Plus, my skin feels great after the mud bath.

The good thing is I'm tired enough to sleep tonight. Yay.

Sorry I didn't take before pictures. I'll take an "after" picture tomorrow.

How was your day?

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