Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Animal Good Things

It's mid-February and I'm already tired of trying to write One Good Thing in every sentence. It sounds so Martha Stewart.  I'm pleased with all the Good Things in my life. It feels pretentious to write it out all the time.

Today was my friend's birthday so I tweaked a vegan brownie recipe to also be gluten free and sugar free so that she could share her "cake" with her son who has strict dietary restrictions. They loved the brownies.  I'll make them again.

I cleaned out a drawer while I chatted with Theresa on the phone today.  Then I sorted the garbage into recycling. I kept a bunch of things from Ky's collar. I'm not sure why.  He only wears his name tag.  

Yoda and I shared a moment this morning. Both  birds like to try to steal my breakfast so they don't get out of the cage until I'm done. I was drinking my tea when he flew onto my shoulder then ran down my arm.  I picked him up and held him in my hand. I forget how fragile he is.  Such a huge personality in that tiny body.  We stared each other in the eye then I turned my hand palm up and he just lay there. He didn't scramble to turn over. He didn't panic. He lay on his back, toes up. Sometimes he says, "dead bird" when in that position but today he simply looked at me.  He trusted me to keep him safe when he was vulnerable.  For some reason today, I was acutely aware of that.

Later in the day, I became fascinated with this view from inside a lioness' mouth.  That camera is tough. It only takes three swipes from a lion's tongue to peel  your skin from your body (yep, personal experience, it's like sandpaper).  I've really been missing the lions lately. I changed my screensaver to an image from Big Cat Rescue's website. 

Milo just did his Hallowe'en cat stretch. That always makes me smile.   He has no idea that he's a housecat.  Just like Yoda doesn't realize he's the bottom of the food chain.  Attitude may not be everything but it does make a difference in how others perceive, and treat, you.

What good things did you experience today?


  1. Love the Lioness on camera!

    And while I love reading about all the good things throughout your day, remember this started out as one good thing. Scale back if you need to.

    1. I don't need to scale back. I just don't want to write that phrase over and over and over and over again :)

  2. Well then. You're a writer! Come up with someother ways of saying it.