Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Good Things

One Good Things about having drops in my eyes is that I got to spend some time with my DB and his beautiful DD, my lovely niece.  That girl has grown so much in the last few weeks. She says I use the same voice with her as I do the dog/cat/parrot. I told her that's a Good Thing as I adore the dog/cat/parrot/niece. 

One Good Thing about reading in the doctor's office (at the second appointment of the day) is all of the conversations books can spark.  Apparently the book I was reading at my last appointment was part of the doctor's dinner conversation with his daughters at Sunday dinner. He knew what they were talking about because of our last discussion.  I'm reading Terry Fallis' Up and Down which led to reminiscing about watching Neil Armstrong take that giant leap for man.  I remember thinking that if I squinted I'd be able to see him walking around on the moon. Hey, I was six years old.  Cut me some slack.

One Good Thing about singing out loud, in public no less, means other people usually join you. I heard a man whistling a cheerful tune as he crossed the parking lot and it made me smile. Then I sang the words to his tune.

One Good Thing about not finding pantyhose or stockings in my drawer this morning (okay, there are many good things about that as I detest both) is that it was warm enough to wear bare legs with my dress today.  Then the wind picked up as I finished work so I was able to change into jeans.  Still, I felt very girly this morning.

What were some of your Good Things today?

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