Thursday, February 28, 2013

Writing, kids and dogs

WooHoo, more progress was made on the horror story today.  I realized I'd jumped the punchline. I was telling the end of the character's journey. I needed to show her state of mind when she began.  I wrote 800 words. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things but all things considered, I'll take it.

When I jumped into the shower, I thought of the twist to the second part of the story.  At work tonight, I discovered the character for the third part.  I'm so pleased with how my brain is taking care of stuff for me while I'm busy babysitting a tiny young with the flu or working at the paying job. 

Casey and I are working on possession. He's become very territorial about everything - Mom, me, his toys. Poor Ky can't even be in the room without Casey going after him. So tonight, I took the bone away from Casey every single time he growled. It's a bit of dangerous game but as soon as he broke focus on it and relaxed, I gave it back. Laid back dog gets bone, tense dog does not. He's smart. He figured it out pretty quick.  He really is a good dog. He's just had a lot of trauma and confusion in his life lately. 

I hung out with a sick six year old this afternoon. We talked about dogs, and how there are cross-breeds then learned about nocturnal animals.  While he could have taught me more about genetics than I'd ever know I went with the Mom was a shepherd, Dad was a great Dane just like Mommy has brown hair and daddy has blond theory. He liked that. Phew. That kid keeps me on my toes. Whoever said Autism doesn't make connections never met the kids I know who have it.  I adore them. 

All in all, a good day.  How were things with you? 

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