Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cranky good things

One Good Thing about all this snow is the workout I got shoveling the end of the driveway. Not the whole driveway, mind, just the end where the snowplow dumped two feet of hard slush muck.  My car wasn't going to be able to get through that and I wasn't going to make her try. She's a good car.

One Good Thing about being in a bad mood is everyone does what you ask the first time you bark. Plus, a wide berth is steered around you which results in the added bonus of alone time.

One Good Thing about being cranky is that it often takes me some interesting places. I almost always learn one or even two important things about myself as a result.  I was driving to meet a friend for coffee when I realized why I was so freaking annoyed with everything and everyone.  Two days ago my ear seeds fell off.  I didn't replace them because my headache has been down to a two on a scale of one to ten.  What. a. mistake.  Headaches are back to an eight with a spike of nine and a half a few times. My vision is also less than crisp.  But it took me two days of stomping around like a hippo with a spike in its foot to realize why.  I had dinner with my friend who does acupuncture and discussed it with her. She marked my ears so I can reapply the seeds after my doctor's appointment on Monday. It's better to figure out the cause, and neutralize it, than simply treat the symptoms. At the moment, I'm thinking of piercing my ears right on that pressure point so I can tolerate the temple pain.

One Good Thing about having coffee with a woman who looks like Halle Berry is her beauty comes from within. You can't hate her. Believe me, I've tried. Her spirit is incredible and I cherish all of our interactions. I was so irritated by the time we met up but a few good conversations and I felt my attitude shift.  We've always been good for checking each other and sharing our perspectives. 
We talked a great deal about self-image. I'm an oddity in that I think I look better naked than clothed.  I may be overweight and gravity might have set in after all these years but everything is where it's supposed to be when I'm unclothed. Fabric is not pushing, squishing, pulling, tucking or rearranging my flesh.  I really like my true self.  That's cool.    She took a photo of me so I could see how beautiful I look.  I didn't see what she did. I focused on other things. I also knew she was going to take it so it's posed even if it's just a matter of me raising my hand and trying not to smirk.

 But we did agree that several years ago she took the best picture of me.  It was candid and it is exactly how I see myself. She says it's how she sees me as well.

I hope your day took you to some good things.

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