Sunday, February 17, 2013

Philosophical Good Things

Snow was light and fluffy, took me five minutes to shovel the walk and driveway. That meant I had lots of time to get to work.  It was such a lovely drive, I meandered along and enjoyed it.  The cold was more extreme than we've had so far this winter. Fortunately, I had a sweater at work to keep me warm.

Last night we discussed oversharing on Facebook.  We're all shaped by our experiences. My privacy settings are friends only. That list is limited to people with whom I actually speak.  It's been helpful at getting the message out fast to a lot of people at  once. There's been a lot of support over there as well as many many many good laughs and connections forged.  My one friend has had nothing but bad vibes from sharing his stuff.  I think the difference is the people who read it. If you're surrounded by judgmental people, you are going to be faulted a lot. On the other hand, having people in your corner who care about you and want the best for you means you're more likely to have a good experience  - not just on FB but in life. 

I overshare. It happens.  I have this theory that if you're embarrassed by your actions, don't do them. Everything is interpreted according to each person's individual experience. We have no control over that.  We only control our own reactions. 

I went to bed with so many deep thoughts last night.  Even our silly conversations gave me plenty to think about. Today felt like one of those morning after an all nighter during college.  My brain is so full.  It's a good full.  I'll be able to use a lot of that to flesh out the creepy painting.

How was your day?

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