Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordy Good Things

I wrote for several hours today. Some of it was back and forth brainstorming with a writer friend. We agreed to quit for the day so I went to write notes and ending up with 1200 words. Woo. That felt nice.

I burnt my hand on pasta sauce. You wouldn't think that was a good thing. It wasn't really. But I got the hand under cold water immediately, put salve on it and managed to prevent two other people from the same fate.  Tomatoes heat up rapidly.  In case you didn't know.

I used the Pilates ball as a chair this evening while I knitted and watched hockey.  I've noticed a difference in my core since I've been using it. I don't have a working office at the moment. I'm going to try something different tomorrow with the living room table and the pilates ball.  Let's see if I'm more productive.  I need my wireless keyboard. It helps my wrists.  I did remember today that I write quite well with pen and paper. No more excuses.

Was your day wordy?

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