Friday, February 15, 2013

Humourous Good Things

No one died when a meteor hit the atmosphere in Russia and an asteroid completely missed the earth today. Both very Good Things, wouldn't you agree?  Some of the footage from all those dash cams was amazing. 

Am I the only one who thought the asteroid looked like part of the Vogon constructor fleet?

So last night I locked up the house as usual when I went to bed. Sometime close to 5am,  I heard the creak of the screen door at the front of the house so I got up. As I walked past the phone, it rang. I ignored it and headed downstairs to the back door. Ky went with me.  It was five o'clock in the morning. I was pretty sure it was DNe locked out but still, One Good Thing about reading all those gothic romances when I was younger (and serial killers now that I'm older) is that I shun complete recklessness. Yep, DNe sitting on the back porch. Ky shot off the porch and lunged at the gate.  I noticed a flashlight shining around the yard so I sent DNe down while I went into the house. Both of my parents were up, arguing as to whether someone was outside. Yes, young man forgot his house key. Well, he scared his grandmother so she called the police - the source of the flashlight.  I went back outside to grab Ky who was in full guard dog mode.  I had to vouch for DNe as the policeman questioned the truth.  Every time I said Ky's name in an effort to call him off, the cop said hi. It wasn't until I was back upstairs in bed that I started laughing. I think the police officer thought I was saying Hi, not Ky.  Comedy of errors and really, all's well that ends well so why not laugh?

One Good Thing about being so tired from our midnight adventure is that my guard is down. I was inviting people left, right and center to our read dating event at the library next week.  I'm usually more concerned someone will think I'm flirting when I'm being friendly, or vice versa. Today, I didn't care.  Either way is a win - friendly or flirting, it still makes most people feel good.

I think having a healthy sense of humour is a Good Thing. I'm glad mine appeared. It did wander off for a while after work so I started cleaning  and singing. Who knew music and humour were so closely aligned?

I hope at least one of them was part of your Good Things today. Have you been singing?

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