Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Silver Linings

One Good Thing about all the overtime I'm working this week is that it's also an expensive month.  Passport is due, car needs an e-test and plates, I've got a new prescription for glasses and my tooth still needs to be fixed.  I'll be able to take care of everything all at once now. Employment is a Good Thing, extra hours are even better.

One Good Thing about living under the same roof with my parents is that we have separate apartments so that every one gets their privacy. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't hear my dad choking last night.  Good Thing is he managed to catch a breath so all the drama was over when I went down to settle my mom in for the night.  I take last call while my dad takes the morning shift.  It plays to our natural rhythms.

One Good Thing about having a sick dog - again - last night was that I worked the evening shift today. I didn't exactly sleep late but I also didn't have to bounce out of bed and be alert either.

One Good Thing about Ky sleeping on top of me early this morning (he never does that. He usually sleeps in his bed by the door but he was stressed so I pet him til he fell asleep) is the doggie dream we shared. I'm confident it was his dream. I saw everything from his height. A chocolate cake was placed on the table then three people walked away (one looked remarkably like myself)  Face first into the cake til I heard people return.  I woke up and stared at Ky who was still dreaming.  The only way it could have been more his dream than mine is if I was chasing a ball after it bounced off the garage.  That's his favourite game.

I hope your Good Things were a bit more fun than mine.

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  1. Oh, that's too funny! Ky dreaming about eating people food behind his person's back. Silly, silly boy.