Monday, February 18, 2013

Clean Good Things

I hopped out of bed this morning and started cleaning the house. You know the Spring Clean, purge all the stuff you no longer use, kind of day.  I put my favourite new band on youtube.  I sorted out the bathroom, half of the living room and quit to contemplate the DVD and video collections. There has to be a more efficient way to store things.

I had a hilarious conversation on FB about perfume.  Apparently dabbing BBQ sauce behind our ears is the best way to attract a man. And here I thought it was beer.

Starbucks may have been one of the most crowded venues in the city on this holiday Monday but we're talented, and lucky. Seats opened up just as we were ready to sit.  Good.

My friend's little boy did downward dog, upward dog then scooted in opposite directions so that he also did Forward Dog and Backward Dog. That kid amuses "me out of the crap", as he says.

I didn't get much reading done today, and there's some organization that needs to be done but overall I'm pleased with what I accomplished today.  That's a Good Thing.

What was good for you today?

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