Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wordy Good Things

Another productive day. I got stuff done at work, talked to my banker about investments and did some spraynting business. DNe has been asked to display his art at a bar in upstate New York. I'm so very proud of him.

Tonight I went to the second Wine and Words event hosted by IceHouse Winery.  Situated along the Niagara Parkway, it's a bit off the road and difficult to find in the dark but the staff was friendly.  I'm not a fan of icewine so I can't comment on the wine. But, it was a big hit.  They make slushies out of it and several people used their tickets for seconds on the icewine instead of the tourtiere pairing.

The author was Cathy Marie Buchanan.  She followed up her brilliant debut novel. The Day the Falls Stood Still, with the equally brilliant The Painted Girls.  What I enjoyed most about her talk was the research discussion.  Inspired by the statue Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen, Cathy immersed herself in 1881 Paris, Degas art and the Paris Opera. None of these are subjects that appeal much to me yet I was intrigued by her writing style.  She sucked me in. That's talent.

Several good discussions have taken place today; with old friends and memories of our youth, as well as newer friends and impressions of our present.  None of us are touching the future. It has yet to be written.

I've been thinking about semi-colons vs commas.  Hard to believe I used to score 100% on grammar exams in school.

Of course, the horror novel continues to percolate. I'm not sure what happens to the first character but I write down every thing that comes to me over the course of the day.  I should be using a notebook instead of random slips of paper.

So, what's the word in your life?  Good, I hope.

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