Saturday, February 02, 2013

Healthy Good Things

I just cleaned two pints of berries, a bag of grapes, a pint of grape tomatoes, chopped a pineapple, cut a watermelon into chunks and peeled an orange.  My house smells amazing. 

In the morning I'll make up two veggie trays and whip up a dip for the fruit trays.

Lots of snow today has everything looking and smelling fresh. It was a light snow, lots of volume, much like that marshmallow fluff you put on sundaes - without the calories.  Shoveling was easy and actually fun.  Driving in it - not so much.

Just for Theresa - we had more dogs at the other library today. It's called Therapy Tails. Kids read books to the dogs. It relaxes them and makes reading fun. We have a little girl with Down's Syndrome who has really come out of her shell around the dogs.  Her giggle brings tears to my eyes. She's so full of joy. 

For a day that started off on the wrong foot, it turned out so well. How was yours?


  1. Therapy Tails. That is so awesome!

    I got a good dose of puppies and kitties at the pet supply store where they were having an adoption event. There was one lovely young girl, a dilute calico, who had cerebellar hypoplasia. So very sweet. Good thing I don't have room. I couldn't help but think that she and Skye would have been just about the right speed to play with each other. Skye is so desperate to play with the other cats, but their play is too fast for him to follow, and he can't react quickly enough. So he quickly gets pummeled and backs.

    Oops, that almost sounded negative. The good thing is that the boys have reached the point where they will often touch noses and brush up against him, and Skye and Cleo often cuddle together, and Cleo will play with him a bit.

    1. Not negative at all. You're acknowledging Skye's reality is different from the other cats. If you want to get the diluted calico, I'll take Cleo :) But then you'd have two cats that needed to travel with you all the time

    2. Please don't tell me that, you know I am weak willed. Besides, I would miss Cleo, and Spike's heart would be broken. And I'm sure Skye would be sad. Ziggy might miss her. A bit. Maybe.