Sunday, February 03, 2013

Smiling good things

Sexy really is an attitude. I was feeling icky this morning, okay, for the last couple of weeks.  I started the whole negative why bother nonsense when out of the blue I thought of an incident a few months ago that involved a very attractive man and myself.  While the flirting didn't go anywhere at the time, the memory made me smile on the drive this morning. I sat up straighter, smiled and immediately felt sexier. 

Over on Reinventing Fabulous,
Jenny Crusie has been talking about feeding her good wolf It's based on the Cherokee tale about two wolves that live inside us, battling for supremacy.  It's a lot similar to my One Good Thing in that focusing on the positive is healthier than feeding the negative.  I don't like to see any animal starve so that's a problem with my bloated bad wolf. Like me he can afford to go on a diet. I suspect that the good wolf bad wolf are really the same wolf. The more praise he gets the happier he'll be and eventually the bad wolf will snarl and raise his hackles when he's particularly hungry. I'll toss him a bone, likely my thigh when it's particularly bothering me and we'll both be content to have those times fewer and farther between. I've noticed that's the case in the past.

I wrote another scene today. It's fantastic, scary and initiated a bizarre research question. If you stab yourself in the ear, will you hit your brain?

Iceland is always a Good Thing.  Even if I never get there, the thought of it makes me smile.  Being obsessed with it paid off today at work. I was able to discuss various aspects of climate and culture with a patron who is thinking of going there. Then we watched Lilo and Stitch in which the dog pound lady says Stitch isn't a very good name - in Iceland and we all laughed harder than most people who watch that movie.

Our not-football party had two little girls in attendance so we watched The Lorax as well as the above-mentioned alien Hawaii Elvis adventure We danced to the end credits.  B did a bit of break dancing while R did the chicken dance and laid four eggs. We had to move the four babies to the couch so that Mom's wheelchair didn't run them over. We laughed and sang and danced then repeated that throughout the night. 

I didn't see deer driving home today but smiled at the memory when I drove past the spot I saw them last week.

I smiled a lot today.

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