Monday, February 04, 2013

Random good things

Ginger ale and Pringles potato chips are good for an upset stomach.

An afternoon nap with both the dog and the cat is a Good Thing.

So is the wrap I bought at the Royal Mile a few years ago. It's our clan hunting tartan made with the softest of wool.  Wrapping up in it after the nap was a great comfort.

I finished Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. It made me think many good thoughts about my older family members.  I think I'll give my great-aunt a call tomorrow. She's ninety-nine  years old and lucid.  She's also one of the nicest people I know, which is really saying something.  I know some incredible people.

DNe grilled up half a cheese sandwich for me. Very sweet.

Hockey game was a Good Thing that ended badly for my team of choice.  Still, it's entertainment. 

I had a nice conversation with a good friend I haven't seen for months. We made plans to howl at the moon when she gets back from her vacation.

The regional hospital system sent me a survey. They will be sorry but I'm thrilled. There are many areas in which they can improve.  It's Good to have my opinion solicited.  

Oh, and another scene presented itself today. This story is deeply disturbing but man, is it ever coming along.  Stephen King better look out. Ha!  I made myself smile.

What good things came your way today?

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