Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday Good Things

My windshield wiper fell off in my hand. The Good Thing was that I was parked at the store so I was able to afix it properly. It did not snap off while I was driving.

I caught up with a friend yesterday morning on how our weeks had progressed. We were both pleased that a very stressful week for each of us had been approached with a great deal of humour and gratitude.  I credit the One Good Thing experiment for the attitude.  Singing spontaneously helps as well.  Music really can alter a mood.

I had dinner with a good friend at her new place. She invited other friends, one of whom I knew, the other was very familiar to me although we'd never met.  Like attracts like most often in friendships so it's hardly surprising we are all so comfortable together. We laughed, talked, shared insights and youtube videos.  It was a good night and different from my usual Saturday. I liked it.  Never underestimate the healing power of laughter.

Another friend stopped by after dinner. He's in the middle of watching his father die.  My heart breaks for him, yet, somehow we all found the thread that keeps us going. It was a bit of a theme for the night, enjoying the ride.

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