Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Three good things

I slept in this morning. That's because freaky dreams woke me up repeatedly through the night. Did you know that dogs pull pickup trucks much more efficiently than horsepower?  Or that the future will be filled with electric cars run by solar panels on the roof? Okay, the latter actually makes sense to me but then I'm not an engineer.  Regardless, I woke up smiling.

Because of all the furniture rearranging lately, they are three mirrors (because they're part of dressers or vanities) in my bedroom.  Okay, I did stick a painting over one but that's because I had no where else to put the painting.  My point is that I cannot help but view myself from many different angles.  I came across a photo of myself from a couple of years ago. At that point in time, I had a pretty good self-image. I thought I looked fantastic, narrow and healthy.  The picture suggested I was delusional.  Lately, I've been feeling very wide and uncomfortable with it. But a quick glance in the mirror today was more flattering than I feel.  The whole experience reminded me of the mirror post I wrote a few years ago.  Focusing on the Good Things in my life has to include my body. It's not supposed to be functioning in any way I can work with.  It's supposed to be a prison inside which I struggle to be heard. Time to cut myself some slack. For the most part, I eat healthy, try to get a decent night's sleep, exercise. Alcohol and drugs are not part of my regimen.  I may be wider than I'd like but I am very fortunate to be mobile.  That is a very good thing.

I spent some time today scheduling posts for the Daily Tree.  I've been truly blessed to have traveled to places that resonate with me. I've got a great family who amuse me more often than annoy.  I share my life with critters who enrich it. 


  1. Those are all Very Good Things! My weight is higher than it's ever been, but I take it as a good sign that I'm more concerns about the lack of walking and movement.

    Also, this wasn't today, but I'll share anyways, because your post brought it to mind. In December I had to get a new driver's license. At the time I looked at the picture and thought, "Ugh! I really am fat!" Last week I had to be back at the DMV for something, and of course had to take out my license at one point. This time, I looked at it and thought, "Yes, not a healthy weight, but what bright eyes and a nice smile. I may fat, but that doesn't mean I'm ugly."

  2. Theresa - you're the one who taught me to enjoy being photographed. Looking at the photo reminds me of the Good Times and those who love me see my smile. It's so true of my friends. I see the people I adore when I look at photos in which they feature.