Thursday, February 07, 2013

More good things

I suspect each of us is more productive in any given day than we think.  I thought I'd goofed off all day because I didn't do much on my list.  When I looked back at what I'd done though, that was a different story.

It was a creative day. Both at home and work which is always fun. Stuff got written, stuff was researched, conversations happened, plans changed and it was good to look at things a different way. 

We're prepped for the storm that we used to regard as normal winter when I was a kid. I can laugh at myself for the whole "walking uphill both ways in snow when I was a kid" mentality.

I've been reconnecting with people all over the place lately. It's nice.  I highly recommend it. 

DNe cleaned up the kitchen after Ky ate the bag of hot dog buns and box of crackers that were sitting on the counter. It's not like we don't feed him. Not coming home to that mess was a Good Thing.

The dogs and I played outside for quite awhile this afternoon. Casey stole the ball from Ky several times. More importantly, he used his weak paw.  He used it in play repeatedly.  I only had to remind him twice to "use his foot".  It's not automatic for him so he forgets but flips it over every time he's told.  Good dog equals One Good Thing.

I'm easily pleased. Honestly.

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