Sunday, April 14, 2013

Morning walk

One Good Thing about getting up so early on my day off is that I got to stand at my kitchen window and watch the baby doves have breakfast while I ate mine.  Usually, the nest is higher in the tree, on level with my second storey window. This year, it's down a few branches, right about where I had planned to prune.  No I can see right inside the nest. The chicks are big enough, and feathered enough, to be two weeks old. I'm not sure how I missed them. They're about the same age as the starling chicks in the garage. They were impossible to miss.

The second leg of the Laura Secord Legacy Walk was incredible.  The weather was sunny, cool and dry - much better than the forecast of mixed rain and snow.  We did ford a stream or two but my boots kept my feet dry.  Here are a couple of quick pics I snapped with my phone. The backpack I'd taken didn't make the cut.  It was uncomfortable and difficult to shrug in and out of so I ended up leaving it on my back, camera stowed safely inside.

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