Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fresh good things

One good thing about hosting a party in two days is the way the house is getting scrubbed. DNe has been a godsend - painting, cleaning, scrubbing, sweeping. I washed the floors and walls with the lemon/vinegar solution from the recipe Stashaholic gave me.

I had a great lunch with two writer friends.  Much was accomplished, birthday cake consumed.  I love how often we've been connecting with each other. It makes such a difference in staying creative.

One Good Thing about it being middle-of-the-summer hot was being able to wear a cute dress to work.  It was fun to see one of my favourite young patrons dance in wearing bright pink sunglasses, off-center braids and ponytails and a frilly pink skirt.  Her dad looked pretty good too.  It's the time of year we can see what people look like. Cold weather will make a reappearance, which doesn't bother me in the least. 

I do like how the air smells 

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