Monday, April 01, 2013

Historical good thing

When I was young and visiting my great-grandparents in their wooded home at the base of Brock's monument, I used to imagine I was Laura Secord trekking through the woods with my cow to warn the British that the Americans were coming.

Many years later, I'm going to take part in the commemorative walk from her homestead in Queenston to DeCou House in Thorold.  I met with members of Friends of Laura Secord.  It's going to be an amazing walk and I encourage everyone who can to come out and participate.  I'll be taking my camera.  There will be no cows,other than those we pass along the way.  That was a myth.

I came home and made brownies. All that talk of walking made me hungry.

Well, that and the fact that I spent the afternoon rushing around trying to find doors for the cabinet.  No luck. None whatsoever.  I did find some interesting old windows, though.

No one played a practical joke on me, either. Yay!

How was your day?

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