Friday, April 26, 2013

Active Good Things

One Good Thing about walking 10k this morning?  Both Ky and I are exhausted. We didn't see deer this time out but we did run into three dogs off-leash. Ky was not amused as he was leashed for the entire walk. There are a couple of places that he could have run free but I'm more comfortable having him attached to my waist.  I love my SPORN harness and hands-free leash.  So does Ky

After lunch, I went out and cleaned the garage. I also fixed (fingers crossed) the leak in the pond. It was so great to see Phin and his plethora of progeny swimming about.  I saw a vole scurry out from beneath the lining where it overlaps the rocks. That was the only rodent I saw.  The garage didn't reveal any large rodent habitation either.  Phew. That's why I was cleaning out there. I also set the rain barrel back up. I think we're good for deep freeze for a few months.

I haven't planted it yet but I bought myself a Spring blooming heather. Isn't it lovely?

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  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    That is a gorgeous heather. I bought some happy-faced pansies. Yard cleanup is finished. Watching the new leaves unfurl on the trees. Sweet alyssum is blooming. :-)