Friday, April 19, 2013

Lots of good things this week

No doubt it's been horrible but if nothing else it's been a week that's made me more aware than usual how blessed we are.  DNi and I were bitching our way through chores tonight when I interrupted that things could be so much worse. She started to list them when I interrupted again.  Things are good.  People are good. And we listed all the ways we thought that while the future looks different than we expected it to, it's definitely worth sticking around to see.

We have each other. We have family and friends. Two words that encompass both a feeling and individuals.  We love and are loved in return. We have roofs over our head, food in our bellies, jobs to keep us all going and good company.  We entertain and are entertained.

When bad things happen, we gather together to shelter and protect one another but also to share what we have - including faith that we'll make it through. We take turns carrying each other to safety. And on those tragic days when not all of us survive, we unite to ensure no one is forgotten.

We are blessed.

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