Saturday, April 27, 2013

Springly good things

It's a beautiful day outside. I rode my bike to work. I sat on the low stone wall by the museum for my break. It was too lovely to stay indoors. We weren't that busy for some strange reason.

It is my mom's birthday. Every day we have to spend with her is a gift.  I bought some gerbera daisies, a carrot cake and gorgeous glass pendant and earrings. They're white shot through with copper and a pale blue. I should take a photo of her wearing them. Holy smokes, I just remembered while writing this that I made socks for her weeks ago.  Sheesh.  At least I'll have something to give her at my brother's tomorrow.

I can hear cars racing at the local dirt track a few miles away.  There are a few fields between us and the low roar makes me think of summer. 

I ordered patterns for my Laura Secord costume.  Next week, I'll go look at fabric.  Then I'll learn to sew. 

How are things with you?

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  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    A belated Happy Birthday to your sweet mom. Cheers!