Thursday, April 11, 2013

Silver Linings

I was driving home a different route this afternoon. I wanted to scout out the second leg of our practice walk on Sunday.  I thought all the trees were blossoming, I was passing an orchard. When I pulled over to take a picture, I realized it was freezing rain.  There are no buds on this tree.

That impromptu photo shoot saved the dogs from being pelted by hail.  Had I arrived home on time, we would have been out walking when the hail hit.  It was pelting down when I pulled into the driveway so the walk was cancelled. The dogs got extra belly rubs as consolation.

One good thing about wearing pants to work was that it was far more modest for climbing beneath the desk to reattach computer cords.

DNe is flipping back and forth between a show about fraud and one about hand transplants. I'm typing this up and wondered how the hell some guy stole a woman's hands.   Glad I was mistaken.  And now we're watching hockey.  Phew, at least I looked up this time to realize there was a switch.  I love that kid. Really I do.  He enriches my life every single day.

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